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A little bit about Flo


Originally from Kent, I did my degree in Design for Performance at Wimbledon College of Art.

I have a big interest calligraphy, ephemeral design, authentic typography and mark making in general (it’s not all on a computer). Having said that I am an expert in graphics software and I continue to learn and improve my skills.

Graphics is the perfect combination of all the things I love. I really do enjoy the designing and making side of things, but also relish to organising, sorting clearance and breakdowns that the role of graphic designer requires in the TV & Film industry.  


How did you get into the industry? 

I started by writing letters to designers and art directors asking for work experience. Luckily my CV was spotted and rather than work experience I landed my first proper job as Petty Cash Buyer on Doctor Who. It was there I fell in love with prop making and graphics. It is very much being in the right place at the right time.

Can I shadow/do work experience with you? 

Send me your CV and any examples of work you've done. Mark making, drawing, graphic designing and if I am looking for help on the current job I will hopefully be in touch. 

Can you design this website/logo for me?

Graphic design in TV & Film is working from the script, the designers and the director's briefs and then designing something that works for the story. Its a different kind of brief I guess than what a 'real world' graphic designer would get so I would be nervous about designing a logo and brand for you when its not thinking about a character/company's motives.

Websites on TV and in films are not real websites. They may be flash files or just a static .jpg that does nothing except tell the story or deliver the plot of that scene. Sorry, I don't know much about how to code a fully functional website but I can make it look good. 

Which production did you enjoy working on the most?

Victoria has been a defining job for me so far. I did some amazing pieces and was very proud of the work I did.  Michael Howells was such an visionary designer, knowing what he wanted and he did it with such flair! The whole art department became very close. There was a such a great crew and I made some life long friends.  

What software do you use? 

I work mainly on Illustrator on modern dramas and Photoshop for period. Modern is lots of signage, posters and labels that need to be quickly re-sized and changed and printed to an exact size. Period is a lot more handmade props that I'd prepare by hand first then scan, tidy up in photoshop and perhaps overlaying textures ready for printing. 

Favourite Prop?

I love doing newspapers, across the ages. I've made papers for Victoria in 1837, then 1920s papers from Agatha Christie dramas, 90s tabloids and 00s front covers and papers for today. I love thinking about the technology that would have been used to make them, how they would be printed and consider overlaying textures of rolled ink, or halftones. I often find real ones on ebay for reference to match as close as possible. 

Any fun facts? 

I am profoundly deaf. I wear hearing aids. Most people don't realise as I work the same as anyone. Just listening a little harder.

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